1122 Public Safety Purchasing Program

At this time this program page is for local governments and other authorized entities only. State agency procedures are being developed and will be available in the future.

Program Overview

New York State Office of General Services (OGS) has been designated by the Governor as the lead agency for the 1122 Program which allows certified state and local governments to purchase equipment for counter-drug, homeland security and emergency response activities from specific federal sources. This authority is derived from The National Defense Authorization Act (Section 1122) for FY1994 and FY2009, which subsequently became law under Title 10 Section 381 Military Support for Civilian Public Safety Agencies.  
Participation in New York’s 1122 Program is open to state and local governmental entities that have, as part of their mission, at least one of the following public safety categories:
  • Counter-drug: A requirement to enforce anti-drug laws or engages in or supports prevention, intervention, or suppression activities related to counter-drug, including educational activities.
  • Emergency Response: A requirement for first responders plus emergency management, public health, clinical care, public works, and other skilled support personnel (such as equipment operators) that provide immediate support services during prevention, response, and recovery operations.
  • Homeland Security:  A requirement for homeland security to prevent and protect New York State from terrorist attacks within the United States; reduce America’s vulnerability to terrorism, major disasters, and other emergencies; and minimize the damage and recover from attacks, major disasters, and other emergencies that occur.  
Organizations eligible to participate in the 1122 Program include, but are not limited to: fire departments, police departments, medical emergency responders, public works departments and emergency services.

Get Certified

To become certified for participation, the Public Safety Agency (PSA) must submit a letter to the NY State Point of Contact (SPOC) requesting certification in the New York 1122 Program. The letter is reviewed and if approved, a letter is sent to the PSA authorizing their participation in the program. Please note that a separate letter must be submitted for each certification desired. Click the tab below for specific requirements and mailing instructions for the letter.

Keep Your Contact Information Current

Program participants, Public Safety Agencies (PSAs), must promptly notify OGS Procurement Services, in writing, of any point of contact changes, and on an annual basis, from the date they were certified into the program, either confirm that the points of contact listed on their request for certification are still current, or provide updated contact information, as necessary. 
For questions, please contact Matthew Jones the New York State SPOC at NY1122.SPOC@ogs.ny.gov or at: (518) 474-4163.   

Program History

The Counter-Drug (CD) program was introduced in December 1994 at a conference hosted by the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), in which the General Services Administration (GSA) and the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) participated.  State governors were asked to appoint State Points of Contact (SPOC) to administer the State program, and the Secretary of the Army was appointed as executive agent for DOD.  Each state is given the latitude to organize its 1122 Program in accordance with its own state preferences and procedures.
With the passing of the National Defense Authorization Act of FY2009, the 1122 Program was expanded to include Homeland Security (HS) and Emergency Response (ER).  In 2015, the State of New York received authorization to participate in the 1122 Program. New York has had a long history of using this program, and the recent appointment of an OGS representative as the State Point of Contact (SPOC) has re-instituted New York’s ability to once again participate after a brief hiatus. The 1122 Program brings a purchasing advantage that is achieved through discounts available to the federal government due to large volume purchases. The 1122 Program is a valuable resource for state and local governments throughout the country; participation allows users the opportunity for substantial savings for their counter-drug, homeland security and emergency response activities. 


1122 Program: Get Certified

To make purchases through this program you must be a Public Safety Agency (PSA) certified to participate in the 1122 Public Safety Procurement Program (PSPP). Certification may be obtained by submitting a certification request letter to OGS Procurement Services. The letter is reviewed and if approved, a certification approval letter is sent to the Public Safety Agency (requesting entity) welcoming them into the 1122 Public Safety Procurement Program. 

Please note: A separate letter must be submitted for each activity chosen (counter-drug, homeland security, or emergency response). Even if you have previously participated in this program under a different SPOC we ask that you complete and refile the Certification letters and send to the address below.

Certification Letter Requirements

The letter must be prepared on your entity’s official letterhead, signed by an authorized representative with the authority to sign on behalf of the requesting entity and able to constitute an agreement to comply with the necessary terms and conditions. Certification request letters may be submitted to OGS Procurement Services by email (NY1122.SPOC@ogs.ny.gov) or mail: 

New York State Office of General Services
Public Safety Procurement Program
Attn: 1122 Program
38th Floor, Corning Tower, Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY 12242

A sample certification request letter template may be downloaded here

Your letter must include the following information and terms:

  1. Contact information: name, street address, telephone number, fax number, and email address.
  2. An overview of your organization’s mission in your jurisdiction, to include any prevention, intervention or suppression strategy being implemented to counteract the problem and how the 1122 Program can assist this mission. 
  3. Identification of the follow Point(s) of Contact including their contact information:
    • ​​"Requesting Officer" is a person authorized to requisition equipment/supplies on behalf of the Public Safety Agency. Any individual with this designation must be a paid employee of the Public Safety Agency or its governing body.
    • "PSA Representative" is a person responsible for ensuring that upon receipt of the requested supplies and/or equipment, all items are received as expected, prompt payment is made to the vendor, and the 1122 PSPP Usage Report is completed and emailed with a copy of the original purchase order to ny1122.spoc@ogs.ny.g. Any individual with this designation must be a paid employeed of the Public Safety Agency. 
    • Depending on your governmental policies and procedures you may need to identify only one individual as both your Public Safety Agency’s “Requesting Officer(s)” and “PSA Representative”.  Each Public Safety Agency may have as many Points of Contact as they deem necessary to maintain compliance with their local policies and procedures. They can be different on each certification or the same for all 3 certifications. The purpose of designating points of contact is to help in disseminating program information and to provide an organization level review for compliance with your internal purchasing policies.
  4. The following terms and conditions:
    • It is understood that all designated Requesting Officers must be paid employees of the applying entity. 
    • Agreement that the agency authorized representative will notify Procurement Services in the event of changes in the requesting officer(s).
    • Agreement that upon receipt of the requested supplies and/or equipment, the agency representative will ensure prompt payment is made to the vendor and the 1122 PSPP Usage Report is completed and emailed to ny1122.spoc@ogs.ny.gov.
    • Agreement that upon receipt of the requested supplies and/or equipment, the ordering/receiving agency will inspect the shipment contents to ensure that all items have been received in good order. If the agency receives supplies or equipment that is not in conformance with item specifications, they will immediately notify Procurement Services for resolution. 
    • Understanding that Procurement Services does not endorse or recommend any specific vendor and/or product. Product warranty issues will be dealt with directly between the agency and the vendor/manufacturer.
    • Agreement that the undersigned authorized representative, who has the authority to do so, holds the federal government, New York State, and the NYS Office of General Services harmless in the event of any lawsuit or claim arising as a result of the acquisition, use, or disposal of supplies and equipment procured under this program.
    • Assurance that once your agency has been certified to be an active aprticipant in the 1122 Public Safety Procurement Program, you will comply with the 1122 Program Guidance Manual. 
    • [Homeland Security Only] Agreement that if the item is purchased for homeland security then it must be in the Homeland Security Authorized Equipment List (AEL) which is located in the FEMA Responder Knowledge Base
  5. Signature of an authorized representative constitutes an agreement to comply with the terms and conditions as outlined above.
1122 Program: Place Your Order

Once you receive certification, the receipt of a welcome letter from the SPOC confirming your program acceptance, you can order through the 1122 Program. Certifications are generally processed within 10 business days. Follow these seven steps to make your purchase. For questions, contact NY1122.SPOC@ogs.ny.gov

  1. Identify your needs, develop specifications, obtain all internal approvals, and determine where to make the purchase using the 1122 Program Equipment & Supplies Catalog
    • You may want to use the Army Technical Manuals (TMs), WebFLIS, and FED LOG to find National Stock Number information for your purchase. 
    • You must contact prospective vendors directly for questions about products or services provided. Make sure to solicit quotes prior to submitting your request. 
  2. Submit your request by completing the appropriate purchase authorization request form (see below) to NY1122.SPOC@ogs.ny.gov. The New York State 1122 Program Guide for Local Governments subsections "GSA Ordering Procedures" and "DA/DLA Ordering Procedures" provide additional guidance. 
    • For GSA items complete Form 1122A: GSA Purchase Authorization Request.
    • For DA/DLA stock items complete Form 1122B: DA/DLA Purchase Authorization Request. 
  3. Your form will be reviewed by OGS Procurement Services, in most cases, within three business days.
    • Approved requested will be processed and returned to you with a Letter of Approval (LOA) which you will submit to the vendor with your order.
    • Denied requests (or non-approvals) may occur for the following reasons: insufficient order or vendor justification, and incomplete or inaccurate information. If this happens, you will need to revise your authorization request form and resubmit it. Additionally, failure to submit Form 1122C: Usage Report for previous 1122 purchases may also be grounds for denied requests. 
  4. Upon approval, follow your standard purchasing procedures.
  5. When you receive the supplies and/or equipment, inspect them to ensure that all items received are in good order.
  6. Process payment using standard procedures.
  7. Complete Form 1122C: Usage Report within 30 days of purchase. Send along with a copy of your purchase order to NY1122.SPOC@ogs.ny.gov.