Doing Business with New York State

There are many opportunities to do business with New York State, but it is important that you take the time to understand the procurement process, the laws associated with it, and how it impacts you and your business.

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Understanding the Procurement Process

The procurement responsibilities and legal requirements vary for different government organizations including state agencies and local governments.   It is helpful for businesses to understand the buyer responsibilities and the rules that govern them.  Buying 101 provides you the step-by-step procurement process and how it is different for each eligible entity.  When it comes to doing business with state agencies, there are four procurement methods that they can pursue in the order listed:

  1. Buying from Preferred Sources
  2. Using centralized contracts
  3. Utilizing other existing contracts (also known as piggybacking)
  4. Conducting your own procurement

Ways to do Business with New York State

There are two ways you can do business with New York State:

  1. Respond to a bid and be awarded a contract. Learn how in Bidding 101.
  2. Partner with a business that already has a contract.  Research existing contracts by visiting the Procurement Services Contract Portal.

How to Learn About Business Opportunities with the State

The New York State Contract Reporter is where all state government bid opportunities are posted.  You can also sign-up to receive email notifications about available business opportunities. 

In addition to that, Procurement Services also provides the same listing of our bid contract opportunities on the Finding Bid Opportunities page.