Green Procurement

New York State leads the nation in green purchasing.  Environmentally preferable purchasing involves the selection of goods and services that positively impact or have less harmful consequences for the environment than traditional products.  Procurement Services is dedicated to helping customers meet their green procurement goals by providing environmentally preferable purchasing contracts.  There are four major directives that drive green procurement in the State:

New York State Green Cleaning Law:

  • Mandates that all public and private elementary and secondary schools in New York purchase and use green cleaning products at their facilities.  
  • Resources include:

New York’s Green Cleaning Program
OGS Approved Green Cleaning Products List 

Executive Order 4:

  • Involves the establishing a state green procurement and agency sustainability program, incorporating sustainability in all aspects of agency operations, including the development of green procurement specifications and reduction goals for solid waste and paper consumption.
  • Resources include:

Executive Order 4 Advisory Council Information
Recycled and/or Energy Efficient Products Available on Centralized State Contracts (PDF)

Executive Order 88:

  • Focuses on enegy efficiency in design.
  • Resources include:

Executive Order 88 (PDF)

Executive Order 142:

  • Directs state agencies and authorities to diversify transportation fuel and heating oil through the use of bio-fuels in state vehicles and buildings.
  • Resources include:

Procurement Services Contract Fuel Pricing Information

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