The technology needs of government change quickly and as a result, there is a significant use of IT services across the State.  Procurement Services' Hourly Based Information Technology Services (HBITS) team provides you with the tools you need to procure these services and manages the IT contract on your behalf.  HBITS is designed to:

  • Assist you in receiving services more quickly
  • Create competition to lower costs
  • Increase MWBE participation

For questions please contact:

  • For State Agencies - hbits.stateagencies@ogs.ny.gov
  • For Contractors - hbits.contractors@ogs.ny.gov
  • For Non-Executive Agencies - hbits.nonexecutiveagencies@ogs.ny.gov

Who is Eligible to Use HBITS Contracts?

The HBITS contracts are written so that any government entity across the State can use them including State agencies, local governments, public authorities, public school and fire districts, public and nonprofit libraries, and certain other nonpublic/nonprofit organizations.  Often referred to as “authorized users” these groups, can use the HBITS contracts without seeking out any special permissions.

How Does the HBITS Process Work?

Procurement Services staff have developed a simple and easy process to help government entities use the HBITS contracts.

How to Select a Qualified Individual to do the Work

The candidate selection process to find someone who is qualified to do the work is different for executive and non-executive state agencies.  The OGS Procurement Services HBITS team has developed the following guides to help you understand the process for each group :

Candidate Selection Process for:

Modifying a Task Order Request

To change any part of the project specifications you must complete and submit the task order request Form 5: Task Order Modification Request Form.  The HBITS team reviews the request and will work with you to ensure it complies with the contract.

Resolving Issues

Unforeseen circumstances can create issues between the government entity and the contractor.  The best way to document problems is by submitting a complaint form.  The HBITS team works on your behalf to resolve any issues.   

The Form 5 Guide helps assist you in situations where you may need to cancel a candidate’s arrival, modify their status, or even replace a candidate.  

Annual Review of Contractors

On an annual basis, the HBITS team evaluates the performance of the contractors.  The top twenty contractors will be available on the active contractor list, while the five lowest scoring contractors will be put on the wait list. For questions related to the review, please contact the HBITS team today.