Piggybacking / Using Other Existing Contracts

Another procurement tool you can use is piggybacking. This is when you use an existing contract to acquire the same commodities or services at the same or lower price from another public entity contract. If you are interested in piggybacking, the best place to start is by reading the contract and then contacting the contracting agency. 

For state agencies and New York City who want to use another existing contract, you should review the Procurement Services Guide for Piggybacking in NYS (PDF) and then complete the Contract Use Request Form (docx). Submit it along with a copy of the contract and other supporting documentation to customer.services@ogs.ny.gov for approval prior to buying off of the other contract. Once submitted, you should receive a notice of receipt from Customer Services.

All other local governments and other entities wishing to piggyback or use cooperative contracts should refer to the guidance from the Office of State Comptroller.