Place Your Order

Thu, 2015-12-17 11:07 -- slafayette

Once you receive certification, the receipt of a welcome letter from the SPOC confirming your program acceptance, you can order through the 1122 Program. Certifications are generally processed within 10 business days. Follow these seven steps to make your purchase. For questions, contact

  1. Identify your needs, develop specifications, obtain all internal approvals, and determine where to make the purchase using the 1122 Program Equipment & Supplies Catalog
    • You may want to use the Army Technical Manuals (TMs), WebFLIS, and FED LOG to find National Stock Number information for your purchase. 
    • You must contact prospective vendors directly for questions about products or services provided. Make sure to solicit quotes prior to submitting your request. 
  2. Submit your request by completing the appropriate purchase authorization request form (see below) to The New York State 1122 Program Guide for Local Governments subsections "GSA Ordering Procedures" and "DA/DLA Ordering Procedures" provide additional guidance. 
    • For GSA items complete Form 1122A: GSA Purchase Authorization Request.
    • For DA/DLA stock items complete Form 1122B: DA/DLA Purchase Authorization Request. 
  3. Your form will be reviewed by OGS Procurement Services, in most cases, within three business days.
    • Approved requested will be processed and returned to you with a Letter of Approval (LOA) which you will submit to the vendor with your order.
    • Denied requests (or non-approvals) may occur for the following reasons: insufficient order or vendor justification, and incomplete or inaccurate information. If this happens, you will need to revise your authorization request form and resubmit it. Additionally, failure to submit Form 1122C: Usage Report for previous 1122 purchases may also be grounds for denied requests. 
  4. Upon approval, follow your standard purchasing procedures.
  5. When you receive the supplies and/or equipment, inspect them to ensure that all items received are in good order.
  6. Process payment using standard procedures.
  7. Complete Form 1122C: Usage Report within 30 days of purchase. Send along with a copy of your purchase order to